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About The Owner

Derrick owner of Eastern Michigan Metals and other metal fabricating companies, Derrick has been building and fabricating steel components for 25 years.  We have focused on quality as a number one component in all of our work.  We will not sell a cheap or sub par product simply beacause we dont need practice and do not want that type of immage!  We are committed to making custom railing products that are second to none!  We operate from a 50,000 Sq Ft building with 10 Million Lbs of steel waiting for use.  You have our assurence that you will have a quality product you can be proud of for less than you may think!




All of our railings are made from 1 peice construction 1/2" steel plate.  Unlike other rails that are made from      substantually thinner material, these do not need any re enforcing to maintain saftey or rigidity.  Even with high strength steel a 3/16" section will flex and need to be reinforced by other methods or need to have posts placed closer together therefore spoiling the look of your railing.

One peice design also helps to ensure ultimate quality on finnishes.  There are no welded joints to rust! 


For example an 8 foot long rail is strong enough by its self to provide protection to a balcony.  The railing can be leaned on with the full confidence that the rail will not flex!!!  Of corse we can not garentee the performance of your installer but if done properly these rails will out last your house.


From your measurements we will custom design a railing system that will fit into any space and deliver it to your door ready to bolt them in!


Heavy 1/2" steel sloted clips are used to ensure that any deviation in either application or instalation will be able to be compensated for. this provides for ease of installation for anyone with minimum building expearence.


Kid safe?  Of corse we design all rails to meet a standard OSHA building code.  Check with your local code for exact specifications.  We will of corse build you any custom design you want even for a decerative panel!


All of our rails are powder coated satin black for a low luster durable finnish that will be durable and last for years.  You will pass this house along to your grand children so why not use the best process available!


Exterior use:  We recomend galvanizing any exterion rail for a life time use.  This process though rather expensive will prevent your gate rails from rusting and ad years on to the maintenance free design that we love.



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